Loretta L. Hanwell, RT, MPM, FAHRA

Executive Director – Global Healthcare


Ms. Hanwell currently serves as a contributing member of the executive team of House of Investment (HOI) with focus on Global Healthcare. She provides expertise in healthcare project development and program management, organizational development, planning and design and operational strategies that foster long-term business sustainability. Ms. Hanwell builds productive relationships and partnerships with healthcare providers globally.

Ms. Hanwell is the former senior vice president of UPMC International, a division of a large global healthcare organization, headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA USA. She led teams that develop and implement international and clinical initiatives. Loretta worked closely with partners around the world, formulating strategic and operational plans, performing clinical assessments, developing quality benchmarks, organizing physician referral and outreach initiatives and building effective management teams. She also worked closely with local, national, and international governments on activities to support the public needs and healthcare advancements.

Ms. Hanwell has extensive experience in healthcare leadership. In conjunction with physicians and administrators, Loretta focused on clinical program development and implementation globally, physician and client partnerships as well as government relations. Project management efforts include space planning, design and organizational startup of numerous private and public healthcare centers worldwide including, but not limited, United States, Colombia, Ireland, United Kingdom, Italy, Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Ms. Hanwell holds an M.A. degree in Public Management from Carnegie Mellon University, USA.

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