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We provide tailor-made investment strategies for high net worth individuals and family offices wishing to use Cyprus as a financial hub. We offer our clients a selection of investment vehicles and tax efficient structures that allow them to invest in a wide range of asset classes with the utmost confidentiality and security aiming for attractive returns through a balanced investment portfolio. Usage of Cyprus European Trusts provides our clients with full security, a unique opportunity to enjoy significant tax benefits and allows the placement of private equity in various industries including Shipping, Real Estate & Hospitality and Energy at the current distressed value levels under the trust holding structure. Portfolio Strategies include:

We provide the expertise and experience to :

Equity/Derivatives & Mutual funds

We provide equity/derivative as well as mutual fund investment strategies through our partner network on behalf of our selective clients. We monitor investment managers’ performance and ensure alignment with our clients’ objectives as we handle our clients’ alternative investment portfolios.

Alternative investments

Investment into alternative investments ensures true diversification in the portfolios. Alternative Investments includes products like Private Equity Funds, Real Estate Funds, Structured Products, Investments in art and unique investment avenues like Film Funds. These offerings are available to discerning investors looking to diversify their portfolios and benefit from varied asset classes.

Create Wealth

We advise you on how to manage and grow your financial assets for the long term. No two clients are the same. A successful strategy for creating wealth begins with a sound financial plan which is determined by a careful analysis of your financial needs, investment objectives, lifestyle goals and time horizon. The foundation of your wealth management plan should include the ability to provide financial support for your family, business or those you care for. Once your financial planning goals have been established and after making a careful assessment of your appetite for risk we will devise a bespoke investment strategy that makes use, wherever possible, of tax efficient savings and retirement schemes to minimize personal and business taxation. Whatever point you are at in on your journey to achieving your wealth management goals you will find our services of value, be that in establishing your wealth planning needs, reviewing existing financial goals and objectives or providing a second opinion to your current financial arrangement.

Preserve Wealth

The preservation of wealth is a vital component of a successful wealth management strategy. As you travel through life your financial circumstances change and so too do your financial planning needs and at some point in your journey the emphasis will shift from wealth creation to wealth protection and the need to consider a variety of strategies to protect your wealth for the future. The manner in which you hold your assets becomes a central issue in the management of your wealth and you may require legal, tax and financial planning advice on the best way in which to hold your assets to maximise tax efficiency, preserve wealth and ensure a smooth transition to your heirs. A forward looking wealth preservation strategy will help ensure a lasting legacy for you and your family. At this point you may also need to reassess your insurance requirements to ensure your family and/or business is fully protected against death, critical illness and disability. And of course there will be a need to manage your financial assets to maintain value and produce income. If your portfolio is of a certain size you may well consider engaging the services of a risk management consultant to monitor the management of your wealth. Fiduciary Wealth are able to advise on all aspects of wealth preservation.

Transfer Wealth

We are very confident that you will be very satisfied with the financial planning, investments and wealth management services we are able to provide you with. Our certified financial planners and support staff provide great customer service. If you are looking for the highest standards of wealth management, investments and pension advice and service from the best independent financial advisers you have found the right firm.