Strategy Development and Implementation

Our Strategy Development Advisory covers the entire spectrum of the business value chain in our key industries. Specifically, our experienced industry team works closely with the client teams from the initial business assessment stage to the full development of the business strategy and financial plan to the execution of the preferred strategies jointly selected. We pride ourselves on the very issue that we provide hands on advisory with tangible deliverables and take active participation in the implementation stage always acting on the best interest of our clients. Selected services under the Strategy Advisory Practice include: ◾Current Situation Analysis ◾Envision the Future ◾Define Ambitions ◾Evaluate and select Preferred Strategies ◾Develop detailed Strategic Options ◾Develop Roadmap and Financial Plan ◾Engage actively in Implementation Process

Market Entry Strategy

HOI provides a structured framework in assessing various strategic market entry strategies for a new entrant. Through a well-tested methodology we begin with our client competency analysis and transition to the market analysis and competitiveness analyzing barriers to entry and eventually we conclude with best strategic options that are then tested for attractiveness, fitness and doability. We further engage in the actual implementation process by identifying target companies for acquisition or grass-root growth pending on the strategy adopted, the client needs and competencies. We work side by side with the client and we provide full support with local permits, dealing with Government authorities, Central Bank etc. We bring strong local knowledge in our key markets and are a trustworthy partner for any major organization aspiring to do business in our markets or simply set up a corporate structure in order to best manage its global business activities.

Brand Strategy

We at HOI believe that brand strategy goes beyond convincing customers to choose one brand over another, but to ensure that customers see the brand as the main alternative that addresses their needs and delivers on their expectations. With this in mind and through HOI’s advisory strategy portfolio we consult clients both at corporate and at project/brand levels. Our offering includes Concept & Product development, Product/Brand Strategy (marketing, communication, pricing, launch etc.), Corporate Identity & Strategy Formulation. Customer Strategy Customer experiences and interactions with companies and their product/service offerings are central in the development of relationship bonds which impact future purchase behaviours. Furthermore acknowledging that customers’ first should change their attitudes towards a company before they can demonstrate the desire to use/buy that company’s products, recognising that certain market realities and customer particularities play a vital role which products customers’ end up buying and finally assessing both the corporate culture and competitive environment, are all areas we investigate when formulating customer related strategies. HOI’s Customer Relationship Management framework takes into account the aforementioned principles and develops customised models that can predict future customer behaviours, and devise an implementation roadmap that identifies both areas for improvement and opportunities to leverage sustainability and growth over time.

Product Positioning and Launch Strategy

HOI offers a complete Product Positioning and Launch service portfolio that commences from the idea generation and concept development stage to eventually the product or project development, market positioning with brand strategy and finally the launch strategy. Our expertise portfolio includes projects in various industries and maturity stages such as Real Estate, FMCG’s, Services and other.

Engage a team with diverse experience in advisory and operational roles across industries and functional areas.

Corporate Governance

Cyprus’s Companies Law, adopted in 1950, is a replica of the United Kingdom’s Companies Act of 1948. Since then it has undergone several amendments. The major change was effected with the implementation of the Cyprus Corporate Governance Code (the Code) in 2002. The implementation of the Code was preceded by a volatile period in the Cyprus stock exchange that led to its collapse in 2000. The Cyprus Corporate Governance Law as included in the Code introduced corporate governance principles and it adopts the Anglo-Saxon model. The Aim of Corporate Governance Law The aim of the Code is to reinforce the monitoring role of the board of directors, to protect small shareholders, to adopt greater transparency, to provide timely information and to sufficiently safeguard the independence of the board of directors in its decision making. We assist a number of our clients in setting up corporate governance practices and define board level operating guidelines.

Performance Measurement Systems

We assist our clients to set up a performance management system that is fully aligned with the vision and strategic objectives of the organization making use of the balanced scorecard methodology and developing ambition driven KPI’s that are both attainable and motivating. Our methodology ensures value creation through sustained performance improvement. Our methodology ensures linking remuneration to performance at all levels of the organization working from the board room down to the business units and operating departments, and vice versa ensuring a 360 degree performance review process. KPI’s are jointly developed in the four major perspectives of the Balanced Scorecard approach namely, Financial, Customer, Process and Learning/Innovation.